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Cut Yourself some slack

Hey friend!

I hope you are hanging in there during these trying times :)-

I listened to a teaching by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church recently, and he shared something that gave me a new perspective. I wanted to share it with you.

He shared that “we are all in the same storm, but on different boats. Some are riding this out in fine yachts, some in smaller boats, and some are holding on to driftwood.”

So while we all see the storm, we are experiencing it in different ways. The pandemic has caused us to look at our lives from unique perspectives, but the most important thing I want to share is that despite how we feel, we should strive to remain kind and gentle with each other.

Some, like myself, started new projects during the shutdown while some lost their jobs and businesses. Many ministries and churches are struggling financially, yet the small church I attend experienced strong growth over the same period of time.

So what does this mean?

It means that there is no one size fits all, and we must remain in faith. If you are fortunate enough to be riding this out on a “yacht,” look around and see how you can encourage your comrade on the “driftwood.”

If you have a business, figure out how you can make some adjustments and possibly weather this storm. It may be time to bring your business online or offer a new product or service.

Whatever you plan to do or not to do, give yourself some slack. Be kind to yourself. Guard your mental state. Some days you will be up, and others you may barely feel like getting out of bed. It’s OK!

  • Keep your surroundings uncluttered. Clutter creates confusion, and it’s hard to be creative or accomplish anything productive in a mess.

  • Watch less news: stay informed, but do not immerse yourself in negativity.

  • Set up a daily routine of getting up and going to bed. Otherwise, you will feel a lack of control.

  • Aim to accomplish one small goal each day and celebrate it at the end of the day.

  • Pray often so you can help to keep your anxiety levels in check.

And finally, if you don't feel up to praying, please contact us here at the GORGEOUS Woman Movement. We have many sisters and a dedicated pastor who will pray for all your concerns!

Please plan to be in Charlotte, NC for our First Annual GORGEOUS Woman Conference Tour in October 2022! You can get some more information by clicking the button below.

Just know that God loves you, my sister. You are never just a piece of driftwood in his eyes!

Love and blessings,


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