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Stop Being Beaten By Fear

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I am often perplexed by the resistance to growth that I see in some individuals. They desire to grow but their behaviors tell a different story.

These individuals often feel a sense of unrest with their current situation and desire change, but do not. They know what they want, and what needs to be done, however things remain undone. If the opportunity presents itself, they stick their heads out like a turtle, tentative and fearful, but as soon as they have to make a decision, they pull their heads back in for a “later” time.

What is the cause of this?

Part of this behavior is linked to what psychologists call self-sabotage. Self-Sabotage is described as behaviors that undermine our overall good. It is based on a pattern of thinking, usually negative or untrue, that finds its roots in scripts or thought patterns that we learn along the way.

Many times these thought patterns come from those who are near and dear to us like our parents, childhood friends and other loved ones. People we trust to know better. These thoughts directly affect our behaviors.

A part of us wants to grow, to become an entrepreneur, change career, start something new, but our logical or scripted mind tells us no. We get close to our decisions but we retreat. We tell ourselves that it is a lack of money or time, but given a more comfortable and familiar circumstance, somehow the money or time materializes.

To counteract these behaviors, we must learn to exchange our limiting beliefs for God-centered beliefs and also to grow in courage. This requires some level of self-awareness and analysis to recognize when we are following fear-based scripts. Then we must commit to taking positive ACTION.

Change is hard, scary, and sometimes the outcome is unfavorable, but we obtain the most gratifying experiences when we take calculated risks and obey the tug on our hearts and conscience. God often calls us out on the deeper waters where the fish are biting. Faith, without action is dead!

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There are more than 365 variations of "do not fear" in the Bible. One for each and every day. You've got this!

Love and blessings,


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